Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cat & Dog Table

I designed this table because of sharing violations between cat and dog. Of course our cat has the top of this animal feeding center. She takes the top so our dog will stop eating her food. Our dog hasn't learned how to read so she doesn't know that "My Bowl" means that is her only bowl. Now that she is older, she no longer mounts the table to eat cat food.

Your Own Table?

This is a cool table that is next to "my chair" in the living room. It is big enough to hold my remote control and/or a drink with my remote control, or it holds my glasses and Nintendo DS.


These are frames I designed. One is gold with my antique technique and the one on the right is wood stain with antiquing. These frames were a lot of fun to design. They are also less expensive than frame shops. Just give me the measurements of your portrait, mirror, or other art and I can design one for you. Contact me at

Video Cabinet

I collected a lot of videos during the VHS days. I finally had to build a cabinet to store them. This cabinet holds over 250 videos.

Tree Table

This table is narrow and is perfect for bathrooms or other areas that are small. The legs of the table were designed to look like tree trunks with branches.

Milking Bench

Here is a "milking bench" that I designed for my family physician's office. He had a narrow hallway where patients would wait for lab work and this bench suited his style. There is more room in the hallway now, too.

One Recent Piece of Furniture

This is a 36" high table that frames my original tile design that I painted and fired in a kiln. This table is displayed in a local store where customers can either design their own tiles or commission my design. Either way, each table is on-of-a-kind.

If you're interested, e-mail me at

What I Love to Do

My favorite thing to do is to turn ordinary items into something useful, unbroken, or beautiful. I am an artist, a carpenter, a husband, and a father.

Enjoy browsing through samples of my work.

Peace & Grace,